is a Mechanical and Electrical Contractor for all kinds of buildings, industrial factories and plants.

We provide engineering services for Mechanical and Electrical Systems in all construction projects including estimate, design and installation maintenance and repair with other Electro-Mechanical works and Electro – Computer System.

From different management and construction projects have given us such valuable experiences and we complete with confidence that can satisfy our clients in regards to price, quality and service.

Besides the upgrading of facilities and scale of activities, we pay much attention to training for our employees. We observe that human resources are the key factor for the success of the Company. Our target is to set up a good environment for our staff to obtain their own opportunities, promote and contribute themselves to the future of Van Khanh and for the society. As a result, we have gathered a team of young with experience, dynamic, innovative engineers and skilled workers.

With sound regard to the mutual co-operation and success of our clients, our goals are strengthening more the reliability and long- term co-development with all customers within the country and looking behind Asian countries.

Van Khanh perceives that the client’s reliability and credit are the key elements for its solidity.

We desire to get more  opportunities, listen to the idea and enthusiastic contribution of all customers To be in partners with them and for future development success.


Van Khanh’s vision is to position itself in Vietnam as it moving forward around the country and to continue to establish its presence throughout Asia to be one of the best Engineering Construction and Service Company.

Van Khanh aim to promote and provide total satisfaction with “SAFETY – PROGRESS – QUALITY ” to customers ; through high quality management standards, through competent and skilled engineers with the team of trained technicians with good working practices.


Competent and capability of Van Khanh working on the following engineering services:


Facilities management and maintenance – including parts and materials supply.